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(not actually a pink robot)

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TEACHERS! Having your students create new words as a class project? Please follow the instructions here.

The best way to reach me is to email me at erin AT dressaday DOT com.

I am always happy to hear from people who have found a new word, want to share a picture of a beautiful dress, would like me to speak at their event, have read my books, or who are excited about language, sewing, coding, or robots.

Unless we are related or went to school together, please don’t send me a Facebook friend request. (I use Facebook mostly to see pictures of my adorable nieces and nephews.)

If you would like to connect on LinkedIn, please include in your message why you would like to connect (“I am a student studying lexicography!” etc.) or how/where/when we met.

On Google+? Knock yourself out, but I don’t really use it.

Please feel free to follow me on Twitter.