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Dear Teachers,

I am happy to help your class with their new word projects! However, due to a large number of requests, it is difficult for me to answer all of the student email I receive about new words.

Please send one email per class to erin at wordnik dot com, listing all the words created.

Please include:

  • your name
  • your school’s name and location
  • the age or grade level of your students

If you include a mailing address, I can often send your class stickers (just let me know how many students you have – stickers are not guaranteed!).

Also, your students can feel free to enter their new words at Wordnik. It’s free, but they will need to create an account. We recommend Wordnik for students at the high school level (older than 13).

Some Things To Remember

  • Wordnik is case-sensitive! So unless your student’s word is a proper noun, they should put their definition at the lower-case version.
  • Each word has a ‘Comments’ section – that’s where your students should enter their definitions!
  • Please ask your students to write their definitions in clear English and to check for spelling and typographical errors, so that their definitions will be useful to others!
  • Have fun!